The Architecture Ensemble

PROJECT : Pyrahut
LOCATION : Flimwell, East Sussex
DATE : 2006

The aim of the Pyrahut was to come up with a design that could be proposed as a flexible temporary piece of architecture that could accommodate many uses.

The components for the Pyrahut have been designed in such a way that several sizes of units can be made without major structural changes being required. They can be linked to form clusters and joined buildings of one or two levels. The pyramidal frame allows the building to stand on pads on most ground without the need for foundations. Add-ons such as composting toilets, photovoltaic power and direct solar heating panels, and wind turbines can be integrated into the building's skin and superstructure.

The Pyrahut could provide low cost yet fun and innovative accommodation in a way that would require few if any additional services and could be set upon the ground in such a light way that, if required to be removed, would leave no trace.