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Adventure Rope Headquarters

Adventure Rope Ltd. is a company that designs, makes, and installs state of the art challenge courses and various recreational projects. Once installed, the company also train their clients to safely manage and use their equipment.

The company is in the process of building their headquarters within the Woodland Enterprise Centre at Flimwell, East Sussex. The development will be of two separate timber buildings, an elevated office and a factory building, both based upon a combination of the Finnish round poles, glue-laminated beams, and stainless steel ropes commonly used on their ropes courses. The flooring and cladding for the two buildings will be drawn from local sources. The main advantage of this strategy is that the company will be able to build their own buildings in a very short period of time and within tightly controlled costs.

The factory and office will stand side-by-side like wooden ships within the woodland and be linked by a bridge connecting the two flat roofs of the buildings. The main vertical round poles, some up to 14m tall, will support the office and factory floors and punch through the roofs. They will be braced by horizontal and diagonal cabling which will also serve as rigging for canopies and training facilities located over the roofscapes. Being very green-minded, the client has built into the project composting toilets and a wood-fired heating system which will be fuelled by off-cuts generated through their fabrication processes.

While being a one-off pair of buildings designed for a particular client, the buildings themselves will be very flexible in what they can be used for. The office will measure 6x23m while the factory will be 8x32m and tall enough to add an upper floor. The process of erection will be speedy and require very little in the way of special lifting equipment or scaffolding. It is expected that the buildings will be built with a team of six people.

Like the other structures at Flimwell, the Adventure Ropes project will demonstrate another innovative method for building low-impact timber buildings within a sensitive woodland setting. Also, like the other projects, these buildings will demonstrate appropriate use of local timbers as well as imported timbers and timber products that have the potential of being produced in the UK - the one exception perhaps being the incredibly tall, straight, and strong round poles that are rarely found outside of Scandinavia.