The Architecture Ensemble

PROJECT : Adventure Rope Ltd
LOCATION : Flimwell, East Sussex
DATE : 2008 - ongoing

Adventure Ropes Ltd. is an innovative company that designs, makes, and erects pole and rope based adventure courses for recreation and training. Their work has been built in many countries across the globe yet, until now, the company has had no permanent base to work from. By building their own office and factory buildings within the Woodland Enterprise Centre at Flimwell, this is set to change.

The two buildings and pole store are designed to be built almost entirely of the same materials and components as their courses. The main reason for this is to enable the company to build their own buildings as time allows. Both buildings will be pole structures standing over the ground with flat rooftops linked by a bridge spanning between the two structures. In addition to producing a level of excitement, the roofs will serve as training platforms to allow clients to use the equipment that they are purchasing and eventually operating.