The Architecture Ensemble

wec flimwell

The Woodland Enterprise Centre is situated in Ancient woodland near Flimwell, East Sussex. It stands in 20 hectares of mixed broadleaved / conifer and coppice woodland. The Centre regularly hosts courses, lectures, and events related to timber and rural industries.

Phase 1 of the site saw the construction of a gridshell and laminated arch vault structure which currently houses office space for several wood and rural related businesses including High Weald AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), WoodNet, The Timberbuild Network, and Woodland Enterprises Ltd.( a charitable trust and the client company).

The Architecture Ensemble was asked to come up with a phase 2 plan to incorporate the adjacent plots. This resulted in a cluster of workshop /offices aimed at wood working and rural businesses. In addition a unique structure was designed for a company that makes state of the art outdoor challenge courses.

A prototype structure designed by The Architecture Ensemble, The Pyrahut, is on permanent display within the grounds of WEC. It is the first case study for Timberbuild Network to encourage and promote the use of locally grown timber. The purpose of the project was to design and build a small portable prototype that could function as an exhibition stand and as an exemplar modular frame structure built as much as possible of south-east timber and by south-east companies.